Disclosure Fest

June 21st - 23rd

Castaic Lake, CA

Illup will be opening the MAINSTAGE at 10:30am Saturday with a Lotus Flower Ceremony with the Lotus Priestesses and, of course,, hosting per usual our Galactic Blossom Tea House the entire festival. This is thee rejuvenation station with Metamorflotus serving it up with lotus teas, elixirs, & anointing oils, puerh tea… and Soul much more galore mmm yum!

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Camp Abundant

June 8th to 14th, 2024

Camp Navarro, CA

Our next ceremonial offering @abundantleadership high end & dialed in for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders! This is a wildly wonderfilled unique format that we can’t wait to co-create with such amazingly talented family and the music line-up is ridiculous!!! Wait till you sign up and see the hidden headliners that will be present with us all!

Over a 7-day transformational quest, you’ll be provided - real space - to step out of the matrix and into the Redwoods. A world-class and professionally guided journey to radically focus on your Self, vision, mission and purpose. Let’s root to rise amongst the trees, tap into the seed of your soul, and awaken to a community of support as we create a new world together.

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Lightning in a Bottle Festival

May 23rd-27th, 2024
Stage: Compass & The LightHouse
Buena Vista Lake, CA

Lotus Flower Ceremony in our favorite stage of the whole fest, Compass! What a dream! We'll be guiding fam through all the lotus medicines of the world with fun meditations & community connection exercises not to mention live musical vibrations let's bloom & grow electric!

*Illup and alchemical crew will also have a Tea & Elixir Lounge, in The LightHouse, running all weekend long so come rejuvenate & nourish with our flavor of flower power!

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Saturday MAY 11th 12pm to 8pm

Location: Casa Teka Cenote

Tulum, Mexico

Join us, Tulum Soul Family! Embark on a soul nourishing adventure at *Ascend Alchemy: 1-Day Conscious Festival* and let your spirit soar! Prepare to be enchanted with heart-opening activations, soulful connections, and more.

1-2pm: Lotus Flower Medicine & The Alchemical Journey with Illup the Lotus Alchemist - 2pm: Ecstatic Connection Dance with John Transcend + Meditation by Raquel Vidal - 3:30pm: Cacao Ceremony with Erin Goods & Kukul Balam (Birthday Celebration) - 4:30pm: Ecstatic Dance Alchemy with the Âlchemyst - 6pm: Sound Healing & Voice Activation with Kukul Balam - 6:30pm: Kirtan with Sofia Mellano , Ganesha , Luis & Friends + Kukul Balam - 7:30pm: Closing Circle

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High Vibe Fest

May 2nd-6th, 2024

Mandala Springs, Cobb, CA

 It's our third official High Vibe Fest Weekend! Join us at the beautiful Mandala Springs for an epic weekend of music, dance, workshops, organic food, community, and celebration!

Gather in nature with heart-centered like minded individuals who prioritize health, wellness, and joy.

Illup of Metamorflotus will be sharing a Lotus Flower Ceremony and Tea Lounge to keep us rejuvenated, elated, and in our most expansive state of Loving Heart Space!

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Lotus Cacao Dance (MOSE)

April 20th

Location: San Marcos La Laguna

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

Join us for a Lotusified Cacao Dance with @mosemusica this weekend what a pure ecstatic joy literally in the clouds at @eaglesnestatitlan vivacious views over volcanic rainbow painted heaven!

Grateful to co-create with Amazing Ones @mosemusica, @bruna.bortolato, @frankoheke, @chopperlin_soulwave_, @magisus.mathi, @jaimarsh, and many more!

Sacred trinity of medicines lost and now returned to the land and people… deep gratitude for Cacao, Mushrooms, and Lotus! Talk about Happy Earth Day (everyday)!!!

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Texas Eclipse

April 5th-9th, 2024

Location: Reveille Peak Ranch

Burnet, Texas


Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event! This extraordinarily rare event offers over 4 minutes of totality in the scenic landscape of Reveille Peak Ranch. Experience one of the longest total solar eclipses near a major metro area in North American history!

Find us in the grand Tea Tribe Tea Lounge for nourishing tea time, lotus activations & ceremonies, and live organic music all festival long!

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Awakening Jungle

Saturday March 16th, 2024 3pm to 10pm

Location: Awake Uvita

Uvita, Costa Rica

Ecstatic Dance Set with the amazing Mushina Music! High Vibe Lotus Tea Lounge with The Lotus Alchemy, Illup of Metamorflotus!

Live music before and after with fresh farm to table dinner after we dance! Living Dream is sacred loving heart community!

AWAKE! Seed of a New Earth

Envision Festival

March 4th to 11th, 2024

Location: Uvita, Costa Rica

Back to the lush Pura Vida vibes of Costa Rica. Our founder Illup will be serving several Lotus Flower Ceremonies and Alchemy Classes:
3.7 7:15pm Templo del Cielo (Yoga)

3.8 10am Life-Force Academy

3.9 3pm Witches Village

3.10 7:15pm Templo del Cielo (Yoga)

*VIP Lotus Tea Lounge at Love Scouts
Come join us where the jungle meets the beach in this gorgeous location, amazing music, and the most amazing heart community you could ever wish for!


Aguila Fest

February 24

Location: Eagle's Nest 

San Marcos, Lake Atitlàn, Guatemala

One day festival extravaganze with top DJs from around the world.

We will be hosting the Secret Garden and Tea Lounge to be nourishing everyone in between dance sets.
Come dance on one of the most epic dance floors on the planet towering over beautiful magical mystical Lago Atitlan!

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Unity Space Festival

February 13th-18th

Location: Gaia Dance Temple

Tzununá, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

@unity_space_festival with more @metamorflotus Lotus Love along with amazing musicians like @yaimamusic and many epic others as we Contact Dance our community into fully holy bliss-filled connection… a sacred heart space for Unity. Grateful for the amazing @vanlegakis for this creation as well as the incredibly inspiring @contactbeyondcontact!

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ECSTASIA : Year of the Dragon Celebration

Saturday February 10th 10:30am till 7pm

Location: Serarmonia Wellness Center & Cenote

Tulum, Mexico

Join the Tulum soul family for this powerful portal entrance into the Year of the Dragon, symbolizing strength, power, wisdom, nobility, good fortune, and success!

11am *Yoga & Conscious Connection* at the cenote. 11am Zouk Brazilian Dance Class in the Sky Shala 12pm Sacred Geometry Meditation at Cenote 12pm Healers Lounge in Sky Shala 12:30pm Lotus Love Portal: *Lotus Alchemist*. 1:30PM  *Live Music Ecstatic Dance/DJ Set*  MUTA (Spotify/Argentina). 3pm  *Cacao Ceremony* ( Erin Goods + musical Guest: TBA). 4PM *Ecstatic Heart Connection Dance*  John Transcend. 5:30PM live Music &  Sound Healing. 6PM *Mantras & Medicine Music*

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Lotus Flower Tea Hour

Saturday February 3rd 11:11am

Location: Ganesh's Lounge

Tulum, Mexico

Come join us in a joyous experience of Blue Lotus of Egypt, Yellow Lotus of The Great Lakes, White Lotus of the Yucatán, Pink Lotus of India, and Red Lotus of Thailand!

Led by Metamorflotus Founder Illup with Lotus Priestess Jessical Marshall and Live Music from Ganesha Rose & Carmen Una!

Donation Based. Sip with you there!


Saturday January 13th 11am-7pm

Location: Cenote Mayan Blue

Tulum, Mexico

TRANSCEND with us on this Ecstatic Gathering & manifestation portal,  opening our hearts to release, amplify desire and Move with LOVE in the beautiful Cenote Mayan Blue:  Cacao Ceremony, Lotus Flower Activation & Elixir Lounge, Yoga, Conscious Connection, Special Guest DJs/Ecstatic Dance & Sound Journey  in community, as we celebrate the birthday of *Ecstatic Dance Tulum’s* Founder, John Transcend!

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Lotus Gardens Birthday Watsu Float Party

Saturday January 6th 2pm to 6pm

Location: Amonacer Lotus Gardens 

Cancun, Mexico

Lotus Float Anyone? Practicing getting fully dosed on Lotus Flower and floating our friends weightless into ecstatic states as we gear up for dear one Victor’s birthday gathering at his Amonacer Lotus Water Gardens in Cancun! @amonacer1

Wanna join? You can! We gather 2pm this Saturday, January 6th. Message us for more info on how to join! We will be doing a community Lotus Journey and have the lotus pond open to experience getting floated & anointed in aromatic blossoming bliss. Bring a swimsuit!

Lotus Flower Ceremony: Return of the Waterlily Jaguar

Thursday January 4th 5pm to 7pm

Location: Ix Balam

San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

We gather at the new gorgeous Ix Balam in the park reserve in San Marcos La Laguna. Feeling so blessed to offer in this stunning space of grace during sunset sonically supported by my favorite sound healers around @heartofhealing and @joajorr. 

We will journey our way from Red to Yellow to Pink to Blue and finally culminate with our White Lotus of the region, rooted in earth, crowned in heaven!

Google map to Amolo Cafe Atitlan, take a left down the long stairs all the way to the lake, last wooden door on the right, you’re there!

Embodiment Festival

December 29th to January 1st, 2024

Location: Gaia Dance Temple

Tzununa, Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

4 days of amazing DJs, Live Music, Classes, and most importantly DANCE! Join Us on the volcanic lake vortex of the water dragon, Lake Atitlán! Opening Main Stage for the big New Years Celebration, Illup of Metamorflotus and crew will be sharing Lotus Flower Ceremony accompanied by masterful musician Sito Reno! Come Lotusify and Uplift your entrance into 2024 with us and Beloved Community!

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White Lotus Ceremony

Sunday December 17th 2pm to 4pm

Location: ChocolaTree

Sedona, Arizona

Join Lotus Alchemist Illup, singer musician @i.am.sarah.connor & Sedona family for a delicious deep dive into the medicine of the pure enlightening White Lotus associated with the ancient Mayan & Egyptians as well as the flower of the Buddhas! We will experience this profound plant connection via a tasty ingestible elixir, lotus flower tea, and a new essential oil blend that focuses on the thousand petaled crown chakra. Along with guided meditations, ecstatic poetry, and community uniting; our own private musical prodigy will take us on journey into our own holy connection to the Infinite. Our theme for the day is tapping into our untouchable pure true selves and ecstatic remembrance of our innocence and divine beauty that never falters nor fades.

11:11 Celebration of Love

Saturday November 11th 10am to Sunset

Location: Cenote Mayan Blue

Tulum, Mexico

10:10am Doors Open *Yoga - with John Transcend* Ice Baths Cenote Access *11:11am* Cacao Ceremony - with Erin Goods Live Music - with Monika Arenas 12:12 *Lotus Angel Line Activation* - with Illup Puerh & Lotus Tea Lounge by Metamorflotus *1:11 Ecstatic Dance* - with John Transcend 3:33 Live Set & Dance - with *J.Pool* *5:55 Kirtan & Community Jam Sesh* - with Monika Arenas and special guests (Bring your instruments) Dress in your fullest expression and bring a gift or offering for your community.

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Acoustic Prayers Birthday

Friday November 3rd 6pm to late

Location: Naum Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

Join for free for Illup's Birthday, Lotus Flower Ceremony and live music in a mystical cenote spring cave!

5:30 arrival check out this gorgeous space & socialize 

6pm Lotus Flower Tea Ceremony @lotus.alchemist

7pm Acoustic Prayers @officialshanecarling

9pm Closing Sound Bath with Nyasha @theascensionseed

Connecting, Singing, Meditating with the Lotus, Swimming in the pure activating azure waters, blissing up as One Heart CommUnity~`*

Ecstatic Lotus Contact Dance

Join us at the Temple of Love, a beautiful Villa in the heart of La Veleta, Tulum for an evening of magic, dance , connection & one of a kind sensory experiences. 

6:30PM *Arrival* Copal & Community Connection 

7PM *Contact Dance Playshop* with Valentina to learn the essentials of Contact Dance & be able to deeply connect with yourself & others in a fun new way 

7:30PM *Ecstatic Contact Dance* DJ John Transcend @john.transcend

9PM *LOTUS FLOWER BATH RITUAL SOUNDHEALING* Relax In our rooftop jacuzzi under the stars with our 6 sense lotus bath experience including: lotus flower bath soaking, elixir dosing, lotus tea sipping, essential oil anointing & sound healing. *Bring your own Towel & Bathing suit 

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Solar Eclipse Gathering

Saturday, October 14th 10am to 2:30pm

Location: Diamanté K 

Tulum Beach, Mexico

10am ~ arrival Copal cleanse (10:49am ~ Eclipse begins)

11:11am ~ Cacao Ceremony lead by the wondrous @eringoods

12noon ~ Lotus Flower Ceremony with Yours Truly @lotus.alchemist  12:12pm ~ Kundalini Kriya and Contact Improv with magical @itsmeldolan 

12:34pm ~ Eclipse maximum 12:34pm-2pm ~ Ecstatic Dance with DJ @john.transcend

2pm ~ Mud to Flower, Dark to Light @metamorflotus Closing Circle

Please join us, such a powerful and important time to come together in one heart with compassionate loving prayers radiating out for all beings. 

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Aries Red Lotus Full Moon Ceremony

Saturday, September 30th, 5pm to 7pm

Location: ChocolaTree garden

Sedona, Arizona

Join the Kindred Hearts band and your community for a delicious deep dive into the medicine of the mystical Thai Wild Red Lotus Flower! We will experience this new passionate connection via a tasty ingestible elixir, lotus flower tea, and a new essential oil blend that focuses on the synergy of cacao and lotus. Along with guided meditations, ecstatic poetry, and even dance to get your hips spiraling; our musical maestros will take us on journey into our own juicy loving core amor storehouse. Our theme for the day is tapping into the fiery life-giving energy of Aries and Libra balance tempering it with the flow-state sacred waters where the seeds of possibility sprout ecstatically from dark mud to bright lotus!~`*

Featured Ceremonial Lotus Flower Teas