One of the most sought-after herbs on the planet right now! Ready to blossom?

Each turn around the sun, we ask Mother Earth to offer her greatest medicine for humanity for our current evolution. With this she holds out to us one of her longest most mystical and ancient of plant allies;

The Sacred Lotus Flower


“The way these Lotus Elixirs get me out of my crazy mind and into my loving heart is just incredible! And my old anxiety has gone from about an intense 9 (out of 10) down to a calm centered 1. Thank You Metamorflotus!”


*There are only two original (base species) Lotus Flowers on the planet; Nelumbo nucifera (Indian Sacred Pink Lotus) & Nelumbo lutea (American Indigenous Yellow Lotus) both of which we share as Spagyric Herbal Elixirs. “Blue Lotus” is actually a waterlily: Nymphaea caerulea (Egyptian Blue Waterlily) which we also share as a Spagyric Herbal Elixir. 


Red Lotus “Thai Lotus” (Nymphaea rubra) ~ sacred sensuality, strong sense of safety, groundedness, 
embodiment, & magnetism

Yellow Lotus "American Lotus" (Nelumbo lutea) ~ radiance, finding your joy, and leading with
courage & confidence

Pink Lotus “Sacred Indian Lotus” (Nelumbo nucifera) ~ expanding the heart, staying youthful, and falling in love with living life to the fullest

Blue Lotus "Egyptian Lotus" (Nymphaea caerulea) ~ visionary creativity, lucid dreaming, and sacred communion with the divine

White Lotus “Mayan Lotus” (Nymphaea ampla) ~ serenity, equanimity, purity, higher perspective, returning to innocence finding enlightenment

  • "Your Metamorflotus lotus spagyric magic potions have been activating me to another dimension. I am truly feeling impenetrable clarity from dosing daily. Thank you, I feel your pure heart fully present in the spirit of the lotus."

  • “Your alchemy is magic Illup, other-worldly, and very much transcendental!! Truly outstanding products from start to finish, to conjure the divine in all of us. Thank you for your craft and wisdom.”


  • “Illup, I cannot thank you enough for sharing the lotus flower medicine... It completely changed my life and opened up my heart to new experiences. I have so much gratitude for you!!! Thank you.” 


  • “Illup’s creations are pure liquid golden ambrosial nectar made by the gods for the gods. They are transportive, and a pleasure treasure for each and every cell of your being!” 


  • “I thought I wasn’t going to make it through with all the planning for my retreat, then I had your Blue Lotus Elixir, my nervous system calmed and all worked out beautifully! What a life-saver!”


“Whenever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love of humanity.” 

~ Hippocrates

Let's Uplift Together!

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Drop your shield 

Pick up your creativity

Stop doubting others

Trust yourself Truth itself

Surrender into the unknown

And all will be shown

Your heart innerstands this

Let go Let God Let’s go

The way out is thru

Don’t wait any longer

You were made for this

Be your own hero

Your loving is your superpower

Unmask fearfulness & find fearlessness

Scars turned to stars luminous path to discovery

Graciously accept all of this life like a gift

Awaken your dreams

Not the fleeting clouds

You are the limitless sky

Nothing outside of you is more powerful

Searching everywhere for sweetness

The honey you want is in your very mouth

Don’t hesitate, taste it this delicious moment 

Live nectarous truth consciousness bliss

You receiving this love poem is a cosmic kiss

Before blue in the mud, now bold as a blue lotus

Alchemized & metamorphisized

A butterfly blossoming born anew

Love reaches out and picks you~`*

~ Illup  Gravengaard