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Blue Lotus Spagyric Elixir

Blue Lotus Spagyric Elixir

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Metamorflotus Blue Lotus Elixir (60ml)

***Note on Availability: We have not been able to keep up with the demand on this epic elixir. This is our one product we will be sold out of till end of March. If you order now, no problem, it just will ship end of the month. If you order other products with Blue Lotus Elixir, the rest of your products will ship immediately, with the Blue coming end of the month. Thanks for your understanding and patience!***

Nymphaea caerulea +Grape Spirit, Vegetable Glycerin, Lotus Minerals (100% Organic)

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) ~

being long treasured as a spiritual & physical remedy by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks & Mayans; it is a truly all-around profound enlightening ally bringing on profound creative flow-state and a great sense of sublime Divine connection. 

*Discover more on the wonderful supportive qualities click here "Why Lotus?"

Use: Take 1 dropper full 1 to 3 x per day under your tongue. breathing deeply, close your eyes, focus on your brow point. Smile and envision a crown of light connecting you to divine wisdom, clarity, & loving action.

Follow yourself. Reclaim your crown. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the soul.~* 

Our Commitment

OUR HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS & INTEGRITY. Family owned and operated, made in the U.S. with certified organic herbs, wild harvested plants in a vegan and gluten free kitchen. Completely hand-made artisan crafted (elixirs, essential oils, & jewelry). Our products contain zero fillers, binders or flow agents. Lab tested for purity and efficacy. Packaged in recyclable glass. All shipping materials multiple times REUSED & RECYCLABLE. Percentage of our sales go to local communities and clean water.

Shipping & Returns

With such high demand and low inventory, our products generally get shipped out within one week currently! No Returns at this time, but may send new product if you let us know of any issue. We want you to be ecstatically happy with your Metamorflotus! NOTE: We ship REUSING 100% REUSED recyclable packaging material which is MORE ECO than us purchasing & having delivered massive amounts of "Green" packaging materials. ***MULTIPLE TIME REUSE PACKAGING IS LESS IMPACT ON THE ENVIRONMENT!*** Let's all do our best to learn & grow together! Pure Love, for Mother Earth & each other always!

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