Life of a Lotus Child

Illup Gravengaard, founding herbalist of three successful body/mind/soul enhancement brands: Metamorflotus, Ambrosia, & Kejiwa, has been working close with Mother Earth since growing up on the land of the ancient mound-builders & aromatic yellow lotus marshes of Ohio. 16 years ago, after months straight in the desert on the edge of Sedona, Arizona, Illup starting building bridges for wild plant medicine to be shared in delicious ways with people. Firstly, creating award-winning wild herbal kombucha (Best International Beverage Award) and getting featured on THE TRAVEL CHANNEL interviewed by Andrew Zimmern. 

Next, the work furthered into making alchemical spagyric tinctures and highly therapeutic essential oils getting praise in THE NEW YORK TIMES and covered in magazines from VOGUE and WOMEN’S HEALTH in the United States to TRINITY internationally reaching publication out of Japan.

To advance this unique promotion of plant wisdom & botanical soul empowerment, Illup has held space for over ten years in spreading these wild medicinals in synergy with meditation and sound healing in what is entitled; ALCHEMY CEREMONY. These are intentional group ceremonial circles that Illup has hosted around the United States to internationally; Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Bali, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Iceland, Europe and round again!

The epitome of Illup’s work, which was birthed early from growing up on the Great Lakes raised with the yellow lotus bloom in addition to clear recollection of past lives working with the sacred blue lotus in the pyramids of Egypt; multiple life-times culmination to bring this latest line out now called METAMORFLOTUS. He specializes in traditional herbal spagyric tinctures and pure essential oil blends aimed to assist in creating daily practices to help people create an absolute nectarous life filled with peacefulness, juiciness, resilient health and pure passionate inspiration!

Wild Harvest from the Homeland

"My Life is Massively Upleveling!"

“These elixirs are absolutely amazing. I can really feel their effect! My life is massively unleveling and the lotus flower is helping me anchor in the light frequency, which requires me to be very open energetically, and I feel like these tinctures are helping me with that even after only one week of use.”

~ Kahsia