Lotus Flower Ceremony

Illup Gravengaard, founding herbalist of Metamorflotus, takes you on a sweet sensuous sacred journey around Mother Earth imbibing & being anointing with spagyric elixirs,  flower teas, and therapeutic essential oil blends of the Blue Lotus of Ancient Egypt (throat & third-eye), the Sacred Pink Lotus of Yogis & Deities of India (heart), the Red Lotus the tantric flower of Thailand (root & sacral), the Yellow Lotus indigenous medicine flower of our homeland on the Great Lakes in America (solar plexus), and the White Lotus of the Ancient Mayans in the Yucatan & the Buddhas throughout time of Asia (crown).

Our Lotus Deep Dive will be accompanied by delightful healing live music, guided alchemystical meditations, and sweet community connection! This will be an ecstatic experience not to miss!

One can’t help but be changed for the better from this delicious medicinal gathering of flowering souls! This ceremony plants lotus seeds of sacred unconditionally loving intent in each & every one of us to be blossomed fragrantly for all beings we come across on this blessed journey of life.

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Our Lotus Ceremony @ Ix Balam in Guatemala

Lotus Flower, the "Herb of the Oracle"

“The Lotus Ceremony was so beautiful. We were given drops of all the colors of lotus under our tongues, as part of the eclipse ceremony. I experienced such vivid dreams that night - my best friend is pregnant with a boy and in my dreams, I saw her son and her future daughter. I was playing with her older son and holding her newborn daughter. My connection to her and her babies was so powerful. Gracias lotus medicine for showing me this vision!”

~ Alysha